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Opportunity Zones Connect Private Capital with Economic Development

Opportunity zones were created as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 to encourage long-term private investments in low-income urban and rural communities nationwide. The opportunity zone program is intended to stimulate economic growth in distressed areas by providing tax benefits to investors.

For its first project, OZFund has acquired a large property located on South Queen Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, an Opportunity Zone. The City of Lancaster Planning Commission Approval was granted on October 5, 2022, for our multi-use building development with 52 working-family affordable apartments and a 6,700-square-foot neighborhood convenience and grocery store. Investment opportunities are available for accredited investors. We have secured our senior construction loan, and we are supported by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania funding programs, including a $1.8 million low-interest loan from PENNVEST, a $1.0 million grant from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP), and an $800,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA).

Equity investments from both OZFund Principals and our valued investors further support our project.

We remain focused on completing our Lancaster, PA project as soon as possible while at the same time reviewing other properties suitable for development that meets our criteria.

Our supporters, investors, and vendors care about building safe, attractive, affordable rental accommodations for America's working families. We look forward to advancing our business model of successfully developing nine projects over the next ten years.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for additional information.


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OZFund, Inc. (“OZFund" or the "Fund”) is a community-focused ‘Qualified Opportunity Fund' (QOF) with plans to acquire distressed below-market properties located in the ‘Opportunity Zones’ of Central Pennsylvania and Mid-Atlantic Regions for redevelopment into rental housing for America's working families and commercial space. One project is in progress, and three additional properties have been identified for acquisition by the OZFund. The OZFund may make selective investments into businesses located in Opportunity Zones.

According to the Secretary of the US Treasury: “Opportunity Zones are helping to revitalize communities and create jobs for hardworking Americans”. Click here to view the US Treasury FAQ


Tax Benefits That Mature over Time

Investing in a QOF should interest investors who wish to invest their capital gains. A capital gain investment held in the OZFund for at least ten years will not be liable for any federal tax on profits made from the investment. You do not need a capital gain to invest in the OZFund - this opportunity is open to all accredited investors. 

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Project Location

The OZFund provides a path for investors to support local communities that have just been available now and to seek to encourage investors to help low-income communities by investing in OZFund.

For its first project, OZFund has acquired a large property located on South Queen Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, an Opportunity Zone. The property is being developed into 52 reasonably priced apartments and 6,700 sf of commercial space.

Investing in a Qualified Opportunity Fund, such as the OZFund, transforms distressed neighborhoods into thriving economic hubs.

A unique feature of the OZFund is that it may opportunistically invest in some businesses that lease space from the Fund. This is an excellent return enhancer that has the potential to deliver significantly higher returns for investors than other housing-focused funds.


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What People Are Saying

“I applaud the goal of this project, that part of the city is really lacking in pretty much everything, and services especially.”Robert Shenk, City of Lancaster Zoning Hearing Board
Lancaster City Alliance is pleased to support the residential/commercial project planned by the OZFund in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It will provide attractive new housing and commercial opportunities.Jeremy Young, Community & Economic Development Manager
The plans align with the City of Lancaster’s policy goals to expand housing supply, offer additional affordable housing options in the city and foster neighborhood amenities and services.Chris Delfs, Director of Community Planning and Development
“There is much-warranted discussion concerning affordable housing in Lancaster and the challenges of ensuring a city in which everyone, regardless of income level, can choose to live.”Marshall Snively, President Lancaster City Alliance
“The location is in dire need of development. The neighborhood and City could use MORE affordable housing and the project is going to meet a need. I have 13 years of experience working with low-income housing and I have lived in this community since 1981 and I know for a fact that the city is in great need of more affordable housing. This project will also offer much-needed medical services, food service, daycare, and a general store. All these positive attributes helped me in my decision to invest in the OZFund.”John Suarez, OZFund Investor
It was a fantastic opportunity to support the community and help elevate the southern part of Lancaster City. It also offered the opportunity to invest in a property and with Jeremy and his team alongside so many other purposeful investors as well as taking advantage of the tax incentives of the OZFund. It was a win-win.Nathan Shea, OZFund Investor
I jumped at the opportunity to invest in the OZ Fund. Though ESG investing is hot and popular these days, I’ve been skeptical of it’s authenticity in most cases. But the OZ Fund is an exciting opportunity for real ESG investment, and in our own community. I’m a big believer that private capital will always do a better job than government spending, yet investment is assuredly needed in historically neglected areas to support historically neglected people.Chad Rodenberger, MD, OZFund Investor
Investing in a project like the OZFund was a no-brainer for me. Our community needs workforce housing and services for the tenants occupying the premises. In addition, the project aims to bring businesses and working families back to a location that’s been vacant for ten years. It’s a win-win for all parties involved. Great returns for the investor; more tax revenue for the city property is completed and assessed, and the best of all, more families will be available to live in a safe and beautiful place in the heart of Lancaster.Cinthia Kettering, OZFund Investor

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Investor Contact Information

OZFund, Inc.
800 South Queen Street
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Office: 717-715-0238
Website: www.ozfundinc.com

Jeremy P. Feakins, Founder and CEO
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