OZFund, Inc

A Community-Focused Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund

Opportunity Zones Connect Private Capital with Economic Development

OZFund is pleased to offer an investment opportunity that promises to support America’s working families with clean, affordable rental apartments.

OZFund, is a community-focused ‘Qualified Opportunity Fund' (QOF) with plans to acquire distressed below-market properties located in the ‘Opportunity Zones’ of Central Pennsylvania and Mid-Atlantic regions for redevelopment into rental housing for America's working families and commercial space. One project is in progress and three additional properties have been identified for acquisition by the OZFund.

For its first project, OZFund has secured a large property located on South Queen Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, an Opportunity Zone. The property is in the process of being developed into 52 reasonably priced apartments and 6,700 sf of commercial space. The project is being designed and managed by Steel Works Construction, a highly experienced and successful minority-owned multi-family builder who acts as OZFund’s overall project manager and construction contractor.

The purpose of investing in a Qualified Opportunity Fund such as the OZFund, is to transform distressed neighborhoods into thriving economic hubs.

Starting with our Lancaster project, we are building a portfolio of real estate development projects located in the Opportunity Zones of central Pennsylvania and mid-Atlantic - geographical regions with a relatively high population density at its core and close economic ties throughout the area.

Our geographical diversification of the OZFund portfolio limits single-asset risk and drives risk-adjusted returns.

OZFund offers a great hedge against rising inflation, with all our markets experiencing extremely strong rent growth that has outpaced inflation by a significant margin.


Details and Documents

Check out the video below to learn more about our Project! You can review the Executive Summary, along with the other Offering Documents, in the “Documents” tab above.